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After struggling with applying multiple sleep plans, I realized I wasn't receiving the help that I needed. I learned that on demand support was required for success. There was no more time to wait for answers, my family was losing sleep. That's why I created HushEasy.

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My 6.5 mo was nursing to sleep for all naps and bedtime. She was waking up 3-4 times a night and using me as a pacifier. 1 night after working with Kennedy she was able to cut out all feeds and sleep 9 hours. From then onwards I was getting 11.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep EVERY SINGLE night!
Liwen Chen
7 month old daughter, Olivia,
who previously experienced
3-4 wake ups and would not
go down to sleep
I was struggling with my 4-month old's bed time routine. 4 days after working with Kennedy my baby was self-settling and only waking once a night. I now feel like a new woman. I'm very happy with the service I received."
Stacey White
4-Month-Old Daughter,
Olivia who previously
woke 3 times every night
and was fed to sleep.
Norah’s naps were inconsistent during the day. Kennedy worked closely with us, listening to our needs and created a plan tailored to us. Within 1.5 weeks she could fall asleep on her own with minimal crying. Within 1 day, Norah was able to have consistent nap times!"
Jenna Kerr-Arntson
4-Month-old daughter, Norah
who previously experienced
5am wake ups and 35 minute
nap cycles.

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