About Me

"I desperately purchased & applied close to $1K of sleep consulting courses. The missing piece was feeling heard."

My Story

Just like you, I'm a mom. I spent 3 months mentally and emotionally exhausted feeling tied to my daughter’s rocker.

She had a great sleep foundation at first, but when she was 3 months old, she refused to nap independently.

I desperately purchased & applied close to $1K of sleep consulting courses and coaching. My daughter continued to lose sleep with no improvements, and to make it worse, I had to PAY for additional support calls to get my questions answered. 

After losing way more money than I should have, I took one more chance and found a sleep consultant who worked with me every day to apply a sleep technique. It actually worked. Since then my daughter has been sleeping independently and consistently for 12 hours/night and naps without my help. 

I was happy that I found a solution, but I asked myself “Why did it take this long?” I felt terrible for other moms I saw on Facebook groups who were desperate for a solution like me, and I started reaching out to them, pouring my heart out to try and help them too. I saw myself in their posts. 

I discovered a huge hole in the sleep consulting industry, and I want to give you the support and attention that you deserve. 

After I became extremely interested in baby sleep methods, I decided to get certified as a pediatric sleep consultant through the Cradle Coach Academy and launch my own service.

My goal is to provide you with the live individual support you need EVERY step of your journey to make sure, for certain, that your family feels heard, and gets sleep!

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