Baby Sleep

Let's guide your baby to more independent sleep!

You need your 4+ month old to...
· Extend their current 30-40 minute naps WITHOUT your help!
· Independently fall asleep without rocking or feeding
· Sleep 11-12 hours through the night without waking for a pacifier

And need...
· Your husband to takeover the bedtime routine 
· A detailed and manageable strategy
· On-demand support for your timely questions
· To learn how to confidently watch your child fall asleep on the monitor in less than 10 minutes, so you can join your husband on the porch to relax 

heck ya!

How This Works

We Meet

On a virtual meeting to discuss your family's sleep needs

We Apply

Your personalized sleep plan together through 1:1 support

We Celebrate

Your family's new sleep standard!

Now You're Wondering...

What type of plan are we using?

I will provide you two different plans to chose from. This will be based on how comfortable you are with checking in on your child and how quickly you want to see improvements.

There will be crying involved. It does not change your attachment or bond with your child. We will promote independent sleep while you provide a loving and nurturing environment for your child.

This method allows you to put them down to sleep awake and with consistency where they will practice going to sleep awake. This method works really well for babies who are reliant on their parents that rock or feed them to sleep.

What’s different about this program? (I’ve gone through multiple before…)

First we identify what didn’t work with the method you applied before. Then we personalize your plan to centralize your goals and tweak what wasn’t working.

Next, we execute the plan together, ensuring that this is the last plan you ever need to use.

Finally, we offer you 1:1 support right from your phone, so your questions are answered quickly.

You don't have to pause your plan when problems arise, we'll be there to solve them for you.

How exactly will you support me?

We provide 1:1 chat support so you can message us instantly when you have a question. Our hours are 7am-7pm EST M-F.

We also provide 30-min support calls during the process to make sure we keep your momentum going! 

*The amount of time you have access to this support depends on the package you choose*

How long will this take?

You will see your child’s naps and nights begin to improve by 3-4 days. It’s very important for you to remain consistent with the applied plan to attain the fastest results. You'll be surprised how fast your child's (and your) sleep improves.

That being said, your toddler or baby has months of old habits to break. Don't expect everything to be solved in one night.

Why can’t I just sleep train my baby with a free plan?

You can! I have one for you if you'd like to try it out.

However, there are some issues that you'll face:
1. General sleep methods don't account for unforeseen problems. (ex. sickness, schedule fixes, teething, etc.)
You'll have to scour Facebook groups and Google to hopefully find an answer to your question.
2. 99% of the time you won't find an answer to your question, so you get frustrated and quit the plan too early.
Now you wasted time, your child cried for no reason, AND you're still exhausted.

Success Stories

From 3 night wakings to sleeping through the night after night 1!

Disha Gulati

9 month old daughter

From consistent 5 am Wakes to an easier 7 am Wake after 1 Night!

Brianna Taylor

7 month old son, Lincoln

From co-sleeping with and nursing every hour to independent sleep after 1 night!

Jenna H.

5 month old son

From co-sleeping with 3 night wakes to sleeping through the night after 2 nights!

Liwen Chen

8 month old daughter, Olivia

From 3 night wakings to 1 after just 4 nights!

Stacey White

4 month old daughter, Olivia

From 35 min. naps to 60+ min naps after 10 days!

Jenna A.

4 month old daughter, Norah

Services Offered



For moms who want support every step of the way through training

Buy Now
  • 2 Week Plan
  • Personalized Sleep Program
  • 1 Hour Overview Call
  • 2 Weeks of Live Chat Support
  • Virtual Nursery Tour
  • Exit Package
  • First Night Zoom Training
  • Post Training Check-In



For moms who want support every step of the way through training

Buy Now
  • 2 Week Plan
  • Personalized Sleep Program
  • 1 Hour Overview Call
  • 2 Weeks of Live Chat Support
  • Virtual Nursery Tour
  • Exit Package

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